Will A hd 7750 work in ap pcie 1.0 x16 slot and 2 gb ram?

My rig
Intel C2D e7300 2.66 ghz
2 gb ddr2 ram
Win 7 32
Gigabyte Ga g31m-s2l mobo with 1 pcie x16 slot
450 W Odyssey PSU
So does Radeon hd 7750 need 4gb ram to run acc. to amd website or can i run it?
Will it work in pcie 1.0 x16 slot?
Will Radeon hd 6670 work in my mobo with better chance?
Any other graphics cards which give similar performance and will surely work on pcie x16 mobo?
I want a detailed answer please since I am buying either of these cards.
Also can anyone state the requirements of these cards correctly(amd website overdoes it)?
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  1. you'd be getting possibilties of bottlenecking with that cpu also your ram is in low amount i'd recommend to get hd 6670 even.
  2. So the hd 6670 1 gig gddr5 will perform better?
    Will it last a good 2~3 years for games in 2012 at med to high and 2013...low to med?
  3. yes, it will stay much longer with you, add 2gb more ram to run games in more better setting.
  4. 1. My mobo has both slots filled with 1 gig each. Well I can buy 2 x 2 gb but I know its ddr2 but dunno frequency.
    2. I have win 7 32 and my cpu is also 32 so i can use only 3 gig?
  5. Any other graphics cards which give similar performance and will surely work on pcie x16 mobo?
  6. that's not too much necessary get the 6670 i'm pretty sure you'll be good with 2gb ram. later upgrade to 4b and OS must be 64bits..
  7. First of all update your MOBO to the latest BIOS, some PCIE 3.0/2.1 cards don't work properly with PCIE 1.0 slots thought it should work fine.

    But no one can tell you that this card will particularly work in your MOBO.
  8. Well the mobo is Ga g31m s2l gigabyte.please check for bios updates
  9. GTX 550ti will give you almost the same performance and will be compatible with your board.
  10. An HD 7750 would definitely work with your motherboard, considering it is a g31, it should be a PCIE 1.1 which should have no problems whatsoever unless your g31 only has pcie 1.0. If ever the card wont work, then your upgrade path must add a newer mobo like the G41's from asrock or gigabyte and some new budget ddr3 dimms. May I remind you, 7xxx series possess a funny flickering problem on desktop and firefox because of the reported zero core switching but you can find the solution here at the forums ^_^
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