Can't find an ATI hd 6970

So I already have one PowerColor HD6970 2GB in my computer, this link is the exact card I have I want to buy another one so I can do crossfire, I want to find one that costs under $380. I did some searching and have found some web sights - but have no products in stock .I have found at least 12 different web sites with the same product and under $380, but are not in stock.

So I want to know if:
1. these cards are actually still being produced, or if they are not being made any more.
2. If they are still being made, when can I expect to find some in stock
3. If there are any websites (preferably Australian websites) that sell this card for less than $380

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. As far as I know, I think they are discontinued, but I can find one here:

    I can't actually find one is Australian site, maybe you have to look at second hand ones?
  2. $350 for that???

    You might want to consider a 6950. Cheaper and can CF with a 6970. They should perform like a CF 6950 setup. If you have $380 however I'd sell your current 6970 and put that money (another $200?) and buy a GTX670. ~$600 in the USA will get you one of those and it should perform better then a CF setup of 6950s or 70s. (maybe not in absolute performance, but the GTX670 would be a lot better idea.)
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