Memtest86+ failed on Phenom II 1090T

Hi, please help me understant a problem with my PC.

I have confiuration:
CPU: AMD Phenom II 1090T 3.2Mhz (nominal mode);
MB: Asus M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 (w/o overclocking);
RAM: Kingston KHX1600C8D3K2/4GX (4x2G, total 8GB, all banks filled);
VIDEO CARD: onboard;
HDD: Seagate green 2Tb;
FANS: 3x80mm;
PSU: Cooler Master RS-450ACLY (450W) (also tried Chieeftec APS-500S).

First of all when my system can't resumed after long time being in hibernate (Win7), and only resumed after reset pressing I decide to check first of all HDD and RAM. Checking of HDD done with no problem. Then I launched memtest86+ v4.20 for each RAM kit (2x2GB) in each bank (firstly in A and then in B) for long period of time - 24h. Continuous tests passed with no errors. When I set both RAM kits in all banks, memtest has not passed. Error 1 usually at the size 6912.9 MB (good ffffffff bad fffffff7f) when test run for a long time. Time when error appears depend of BIOS version. For latest BIOS 3029 test failed after 20-30 minutes, for previous version 2301 it failed after 11 hours, for oldest version 1606 it failes usually later - after 19 hours. I confused what is wrong with PC components. Is it problem in MOBO, CPU or memory modules (but they passes tests separately even for 24 hour). In BIOS I only had set timings 8-8-8-24 (according to Kingston specification) and DRAM frequency to 1600 Mhz, with voltage - 1.65v (also to specification values).

P.S. For timings 9-9-9-24 (all auto in BIOS) memtest passed even for long time - 24 hours as minimum.

Sincerelly grateful for helping.
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  1. Try running the ram in auto. It may default to 1333. The difference in speeds is negligible. If you want a real performance boost, overclock the cpu by 20-25% and leave the ram setting in auto. Let the board select the proper ram speed for smoothness. My biostar has three overclocking settings in the bios that does this automatically. See what overclocking options you have. Your cpu temps will rise some, but you can run up to 65c under load. Just don't get greedy with the overclock settings. It may not pass memtest, but I never use it. I look for windows bluescreens with a memory address error only while running my favorite programs. If I don't get those, then I'm not worried.
  2. Right, when all BIOS settings in auto, the RAM working on 1333@9-9-9-24 by default. But I'm trying to understand which of my components is malfunction. Because all of them - RAM, mother board and CPU still covered by warranty period (for mobo it will be finished in jan-2013), and in mobo memory qualification list mentioned my RAM kit KHX1600C8D3K2/4GX with 8-8-8-24. And this is why I run system exactly as expected - DRAM freq - 1600, timings 8-8-8-24. And as I mentions above, each memory kit (2x2GB) has passed test fine for 24h.
  3. If each INDIVIDUAL stick passes, then I'd start to suspect motherboard. Some boards need a voltage bump or slightly slower timings to be reliable when using more RAM sticks, so that could be the case here.
  4. Several BSOD has occured and also i'm worried about sometimes happened resuming from hibernation problem in Win7 64b. Firstly I thought about reinstalling Win7, but after failing memtest86+ maybe there is HW problem i think. But currently I confused is it my mobo or CPU (memory controller has placed in CPU).
  5. gamerk316 said:
    If each INDIVIDUAL stick passes, then I'd start to suspect motherboard. Some boards need a voltage bump or slightly slower timings to be reliable when using more RAM sticks, so that could be the case here.

    Memtest has passed successfully for every kit (two modules by 2GB each of them, which tested in bank A for 24h and then in bank B for 24h also. I had not tested separate single module and instead had tested whole kit (2 modules).
  6. I would start by dropping the ram voltage to 1.5v in manual mode with all the other settings set to your ram spec. If you're still not happy, you can try rmaing the ram first, then the board later if you still have memtest issues. Your best bet is to change the ram brand or motherboard brand, whichever you prefer. I use craigslist or anandtech alot for parts transactions.
  7. Just one interesting moment, when i set DRAM voltage to 1.65 in BIOS (as writted in module's specs) then after saving BIOS setting and had opened BIOS setting again DRAM voltage had showed value less than 1.65v (1.64v., 1.642v etc. but not 1.65). Is it important aspect ?
  8. If Both sets are testing OK in both slots individually. I would suspect the MB has a problem with having both sets installed. Several MBs have this problem in that the additional load loads down the Bus. Might try raising the FSB voltage by a 0.1V from stock.

    Had this problem on an older Gigabyte MB, and rasing FSB voltage solved the problem.
  9. 0x50: PAGEFAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA. One of the Memory related BSOD's, which is to be expected if RAM is failing.

    Based on your description, I suspect the motherboard, simply because each stick passes individually. Try raising voltages a little bit, but failing that, I'd RMA the motherboard. If that fails, then RMA the RAM, just to be safe. You clearly have a memory related problem though.
  10. It takes about three weeks for an rma to process, so you may want to sell the board when you get the replacement. Be very sure the board is accepted by asus. They will inspect it carefully looking for any damage, including scratches on the circiutry. They can reject it for anything, so I would check on it before you decide.
  11. In case anyone didnt mention it. AMD 890 chipset has problems running with all ram banks filled at any other speed besides 1333. If you need 8gb and want 1600mhz then you need two 8gb sticks. I would also recommend you stick to standard ram 1.5 voltage modules.
  12. MB OR PSU +what popatin said above
  13. Agree with popatim: this sounds like the classic case of a motherboard that is not stable with all RAM slots filled with high speed RAM. Either decrease RAM speed/timings, increase voltage, use fewer sticks, or RMA the motherboard.
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