Which HD7870 is the best one?

Hi guys,

i've been digging around and i have finally come to 7870s.

problem is, there are so many versions of this that i don't know which one to choose!
Which one in the list is the best?

MSI R7870 /OC T.F.3
Sapphire HD7870 OC
XFX R7870 (both Black Edition and normal)
Power Colour 7870 PCS+
and any others that you reccomend that can surpass these in performance but not price :P

And also, will any of these not fit into the Silverstone FT03 in crossfire or more worryingly, by themselves?
don't think i'll be crossfire-ing, but who knows what the future may hold! :D

Thanks for your help!
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  1. I wouldn't recommend getting the factory OC ones, you can save yourself $80 bucks and buy the GHz version, then up the frequencies in MSI Afterburner afterwards.
  2. Quote:
    Personally, I'd just get Sapphire for any AMD GPU I buy,
    they're the most experienced and I've never had a failed GPU from them,

    but honestly, just get the cheaper, which usually is Sapphire as well.

    From what I can see, 1 card max?


    Hmm... is that even a FT03? :O
    seems a bit short to be one, lack of fans too!!
    but I'm actually interested to find out what is the actual length of the card you can fit for an sli/crossfire config.

    and hmm, since you seem to highly recommend sapphire cards, i'll get one? But sam_fisher's comment leaves me wondering if i should get a non factory oc-ed one, and just oc it at home. Do you see any disadvantages to that?
  3. sapphire hd 7850 oc one its nice one to get.:)


    asus dc ii hd 7850
  4. Quote:
    After a few weeks you can get a gtx670 or gtx660 ti for that price.

    I'm a bit skeptical about nVidia and their drivers, there seems to be lots of problems with them so I'm sorry, they're out of the question (although i was a long time nVidia fan myself).

    I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, read here:

    I'l wait until June, and that will be the ABSOLUTE latest i will buy the computer, if it hasn't it the shelves yet, then i guess i'll be stuck with the 7870!
  5. oh boy, the more i look at the 670, the more i want it. :(

    do you think its worth it? (both the price and the wait)
  6. haha.
    fine :) 670 it is (hoping that my wallet can take the punch)

    thanks guys for all your suggestions, especially greghome!

    case closed.
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  8. oh :(
    ahwells, i'll just get one as soon as there is one!
    looking at the gigabyte 670 Windforce (love their cooling, keeps the cards so much cooler haha)
  9. hey greghome,
    do you have any idea what the smallest mATX case is that can house the 670 yet have good air cooling?

    Been looking at the silverstone FT03 and the lian-li PC-V351,2,3. Any other recommendations?
  10. is there a need? yes!
    I'm going to be moving quite frequently for the next few months and i am going to move my pc around with me :/
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