In game flickering/flashing/tearing or artifacting.....

A call for Help!!! I am at my whits end.

I have been playing Heroes Might & Magic 6 on and off for the past few months. No problems. Looks great. Plays great.

Yesterday, I left it on for an hour and when I came back, the screen was flashing away on the map screen. It was flashing in small dark squarish pieces. Some parts of the map had also disappeared behind this small shaped darkness. When I escape to the main menu, only the guard/soldier (the guy in armour) next to the menu is flashing away in small pieces. The rest looks great.
I was confused as I had not changed any settings.
I have:
ATI Radeon HD 5700 (adaptor ram 1 GB)
Intel Core i7:2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz Quad core
Windows 7 64 bit
8 GB Ram

I went into the “in game” options and adjusted everything. I even put it down to the lowest settings possible. Visually looked terrible but it continued to flash away in small bits and pieces.
V-Sync on and then off. No change.

I then updated all drivers I could find. All up to date. No change.

I exited and opened the Catalyst Control Centre (CCC). I have adjusted everything in there.
Anti-analysing. Off then on.
Vertical Sync . On and off.
Triple buffering etc etc.
I even made adjustments in the “My Flat Panel (BENQGL24404).”

Each time I would restart HMM6 and there was no change at all. Not even a smidgen of change.

I removed the game completely via the uninstaller and reloaded. No change to graphics.

I removed CCC completely and tried the game. No change. It was if it didn’t care whether I had CCC or not.

I downloaded the latest CCC and installed. No change.

I peeled back CCC to an earlier version (11.4). No change.

I put it forward to a later version (12.3). No change.

I updated Direct X. No change. I had the latest here anyway.

I ran the Direct X diagnostics. Everything working OK.

I ran the Windows 7 Diagnostics. All ok.

I ran the CCC diagnostics. It assures all hardware attachments are there and operating ok. Including the Radeon Graphics card.

I adjusted the refresh rate up and down. No change.
I adjusted the resolution rate up and down in conjunction with the refresh rate. No change.

I adjusted 32bit Windows down to 16 bits. No change to the game.

I downloaded a program that tests all your hardware. It assures me everything including the graphics card is working fine.

Dot points:

- I started another game and lo and behold, same problem (Far Cry 2). Just not as bad.
- It never happens outside the game area.
- My Alvira Virus Protection (paid member) updates hourly (feels like it anyway).
- I have run the CCleaner to ensure nothing is clogged up. Clean bill of health.
- My study is nice and cool. There are no overheating issues.
- I ran registry fixes. No issues.
- I have tried cold boots.
- I have tried hot reboots.
- Play game in Windows mode. No change.

Games affected (Just tested):
- HMM6 = Terrible
- Microsoft Flight Simulator X = Passable but noticeable
- Civ 5 = Ok. But the graphics are not as crisp as they once were.
- Dragon Age Origins = Ok but noticeable. Especially around peoples faces.
- Deus X Invisible = No longer even starts!!!!

What am I missing????

Is it defined as screen tearing or flashing or flickering or artifacting??
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  1. sounds like you video card is too hot or damaged. a way to tell is shut off pc for an hour. if it starts out fine, then the problem returns when it heats up, you know your problem.

    are you monitoring you temps? cpu/gpu?
    maybe someone could suggest a good one. i ve used Real Temp

    not sure if its related this article on computer world "Avira antivirus upgrade wreaks 'catastrophic' havoc on Windows PCs"
  2. Thanks for your response Great Randini

    I persevered all night long.

    Problem fixed!!!!

    Backup the whole hard-drive (to be safe)
    Download and install Furmark (3D testing program). It came in at a max of 90C (I let it go for over 3 hours).
    Check game = No change.
    Locate exactly what motherboard I am using and download the latest driver. Apparently ASROCK P67 Pro.
    I had checked all through the device manager as to whether all the device drivers were up to date. Apparently they were.
    Download the latest update anyway and install.
    Reboot PC.
    Check game = Beautiful clear graphics............
    Surely it couldn't have been the chipset in ASROCK motherboard????

    I have played the game all day today and there was no hint of tearing/flashing or flickering. The PC has been on for over 48 hours.

    I hope this helps someone else.

    Interestingly I do not have Catalyst Control Centre installed. I downloaded the 12.1 version (but not installed) as I have seen it documented that it is the safest version to avoid screen tearing in games (sorry no reference).
  3. Thanks again Great Randini.

    I followed the link to the antivirus AVIRA update and how it affected PC's worldwide.

    Potentially their automatic update disrupted my graphics card then cleared the path for clear graphics 48 hours later.

    It would explain why the PC graphics card was disrupted without warning as the AVIRA is constantly updating in the backgroud.

    Difficult to be 100% sure what caused the problem and what the exact fix was.

    Before this incident, my knowledge base on Graphics Cards could be written on the back of a postage stamp............
  4. The artifacting returned.
    Re-applied the chipset and Intel drivers.
    No good.
    Nothing worked.
    Went and bought a new 3D card. I think the Radeon HD 7750.
    Much smaller in size. Uses less power.
    All artificting now gone. Games are crystal clear.
    Most likely the 3D card afterall. Dissappointing the Radeon HD 5570 card only lasted 18 months.
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