6870 video playback jerky

Hi guys just want to ask if anybody is having the same issue or could help me out with my setup.

I just bought Diablo 3 the other day and noticed that when it was playing the intro video, the video would be jerky like its dropping frames intermittently. I can tell that on certain parts the playback would be smooth but most of the time it would be jerky.

This issue only arises on video playback, during the game I don't experience any drops in frames.

I tried reinstalling drivers and disabling hyper threading and still wouldn't fix the issue.

I also noticed a buzzing sound that the my speaker makes thats syncs with CPU activity, its a faint high frequency sound that changes according to how busy the computer or if its accessing the HDD, I have a feeling that these two issues are related. I'm at work right now but I read somewhere that the buzzing issue can be fixed by altering the power state of the CPU. I will do that when I get home, but just posting this today to get more ideas.

Here is my setup

8GB Patriot Ram
HIS IceqX 6870
Gigabyte Z68-d3H-B3
OCZ Petrol 128 GB
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  1. turn v sync on
  2. Im sorry I forgot to mention that with VSYNC on, that is when the video becomes choppy. With it off, It's smooth but I get screen tearing.
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