2gb GDDR3 vs 1gb GDDR5


Packard Bell iMedia d2521uk machine
Mobo: MCP73PV aka MCP73t-ad
RAM: GEIL EVOONE CAL5 2x2gb pc6400
CPU: Intel Celeron e3300 (soon to be clocked)

It’s a micro ATX case and I have the PCI16 slot right at the bottom of the case with about 25mm from the centre of the slot to the bottom of the case, so I’m looking for a single slot GPU.
I’m unsure on which GPU to go for;
Sapphire Radeon HD6570 or HD6670.

I can’t seem to establish which is better;
2gb GDDR3 or 1gb GDDR5
Both GPUs run 480 cores and are 128bit bus.

My main interest is Microsoft FSX.

I’ve also come across that these slim line cards receive power via the PCI16 interface and that they do not require power from the 12v rail from the PSU, so I need this clarifying as I need to upgrade the PSU anyway.

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  1. HD6670
    As for the power most discrete cards do require power from PSU but it depends on which manufacturers'(XFX,Zotac,ASUS) card u are gonna buy. Some may provide direct power from PCIE. Check the power specs on the manufacturers' site.
  2. Went for the 1gddr5. It recieves its power from the pci16 slot too.
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