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Hello. First post, been lurking a while...

I'm building a PC for myself; already got the internals on order. I'm going to try AMD's new A10 APU, so no graphics card. I went to Fry's and ended up leaving, confused and overwhelmed from the choices!

The mb is ATX so I was thinking a mid tower would be perfect. It'll just sit on my desk, so portability is not an issue.

My #1 concern is dust. From what I've read on here, the only way to keep dust out is with filters on the intake fans, and I'd like to have more intake fans than exhaust fans, because that way the positive internal pressure will keep out dust. If I go with negative pressure, then dust can be pulled in from any opening.

My #2 concern is heat. I don't expect the APU to generate a heck of a lot of heat, but the A10 will actually slow down if it gets hot, so need plenty of air flow. I have a Cool Master Hyper 212 left over from a previous build. It's a good 6" tall, so the case should be wide. Would be nice also if there was a cutout in the back so I could mount the mb first, and then the cooler, and cable-routing would be a nice touch.

I was thinking bottom-mounted P/S, but then it would need its own filter. If it's top-mounted, it'll take the rising hot (filtered) air and blow it out the back. Good assumption?

Price range up to maybe $130, not too flashy, no need for a side fan, just two or three filtered front fans, then one rear exhaust fan. It'll have one SSD, two HDD's, one optical drive, a front USB 3.0 port would be nice but not essential. Most of the time on the web or doing book-keeping, but there are a couple of games I'd love to play instead of Quake 2, which is the only one that will run on my '04 laptop.

Thanks for the help.
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