GPU-300$max budget

hey i need a good grafichs card for a budget of 200-300$ or 250 euros around that price i would like to buy a gtx 670 but to expensive to my personal budget.
cpu is a i5 2500k soo..

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  1. According to the latest Toms best GPU in that price range it's the HD7850


    The main question I'd ask is what is your current card, seeing as you have a good cpu? It may not be worth upgrading to the 7850, or 200-300$ bracket
  2. If I have $300 to spend on a GPU it's going to be on a GTX 570. It offers the best performance in that price range:

    The GTX 570 @ $300 offers almost the same performance as a 7870 at any resolution for $50 less. It also performs above a 7850 with just about every title.
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