Deepcool ice wind pro will not fit

Hi everyone, i'v searched high and low for an answer but have found naut.
I'm building a new system and with it i got the Ggigabyte GA-990fxa-UD3 motherboard and a Ice wind pro aftermarket cooler,
With the motherboard being an am3+ slot the fan should fit right in but alas when i try, the clips that hold it in place don't reach!

It looks like it's possible to bend the frame in which the clips are bound to so the clips can reach, but i don't feel comfortable doing so as i'm on a budget and breaking it would break my build, any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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  1. if the mounting bracket is like the nc 3002gx just push it down until you cans lip the 2nd clip on , the first clip is easy hold cooler at angle slip on 1st clip . don't worry the bracket has lots o flex , put it on a Gigabyte 890fx ud5 and a sabertooth 990
  2. pic of 300 clip wish i could edit
  3. jerry6 said:

    Thanks for the reply jerry, i ended up just forcing it on and it seems fine now, thanks alot =]
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