Does this PSU have the right connectors?

Im getting a GTX 650 or 560 and i need to know if this PSU has the right connectors to power it. And if not what adapters do i need to buy?
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  1. There are no PCI-E connectors listed on the link, so the answer seems to be no.

    I know nothing about the quality of that unit either. I would look for a Corsair builder series or a cheaper Antec unit.

    I would also advise getting a PSU that already has two PCI-E connectors rather than using an adapter.
  2. Not too bad for a low end unit, if this is all you can afford.

    Here's a 560:

    The 650 has one six pin connector, and the 560 two. Azza links didn't work, but the specs list one pci-e connector and not the number of pins. You need at least one six pin for those video cards to work. You should email azza for more advice if no one else responds.

    I recommend newegg and this ps: or this one:
  3. I would avoid coolermaster PSU's.

    The Corsair builder series are good on a budget.
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