Radeon hd 4670 & Diablo 3

This is the card I have , I play WOW and now want to play Diablo 3. When I start Diablo the display is centered in the upper left corner and cannot see the whole login. No matter what I change display setting to I cannot move that into the center of the screen where I can see it. It is like the display is HUGE and I am really only looking at the lower right quadrant.

Any hope at all? I refuse to buy a new card for a free game that I haven't even tried yet.
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  1. Are you playing in windowed mode? If so, did you try the windowKey+Up arrow key combo (assuming you're on Windows 7?)?
  2. Yep - windows 7. But what is the windows key? what key?
  3. Usually located between the 'ctr'l and 'alt' keys on the left side of the keyboard.
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