New SLI setup HOT

Right after i put in both my 550 gtx's into sli they went from each running at around 35-50 c to running at 50-70c under load. Yesterday so much heat was being emitted from the top card that i turned it off.. Diablo 3 is this graphically intense or what?

are these safe temperatures to be running at? I haven't seen above 70 yet but i don't even feel like im taxing the setup very hard.

they are idling at 33 and 27c which seem fine to me, i jsut dont understand why the air being blown out is SO hot when having 2 cards should put less stress i thought?

Thanks! heres the rig currently today:

cm silent pro 700w psu
amd phenom ii x6
g skill sniper 4x4 @1866
2x550ti (evga)
120gb corsair force 3 ssd
120gb ocz vertex 3 ssd
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    70°C is not a high temp for a card that has around 100°C as max operating temp. It is normal because of airflow restriction to have higher temps (upper card usually hotter) with multi card setups than with a single.
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  3. thanks, sorry for over reacting but i didn't know if since it the air felt so hot something bad might happen!
  4. You just put in another heat source with the same airflow so that is normal.
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