HP pavillion Inegrated GPU replacement??

Thank you for reading this,HP say it is not possible to replace their componants in the HP Pavillion(don't know the model-it's my sisters and it is still in the repair shop)but I am thinking it must be possible,the guy in the shop has told my sister that the graphic card has gone and can not be replaced.I will be getting it in a couple of days and I'm keen to try and fix it,I have done a few small repairs in the past,I repaired my old Samsung monitor when some capacitors popped and one or two other trivial jobs,as I say I am keen to have a go at this job unless you guys tell me otherwise I mean it's already 'scrap'.I can at least harvest some componants right? but I'd like to fix it if thats possible.Please advise D Dale
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  1. I don't think fixing a broken IGP would be a good idea. Consider putting a PCI-E card instead, if it is a desktop then read this:

  2. Thank you kindly Refillable,D Dale
  3. This Is a HP Pavillion laptop, Could you advise futher please,,D Dale
  4. I don't have much options for laptop, but I will recommend you to let someone fix it for you, I would recommend the manufacturer, HP.
  5. Thanks for your help,HP just say ICS can not be replaced and 'link to a new range of laptops..I was thinking could'nt the old GPU be 'chopped' out and new one installed? obviously not.thanks again, yours D Dale
  6. Unfortunately You just have to replace the laptop :)
  7. ok thank you refillable, for your time and knowledge.
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