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So looking to do my first build that will mainly be used for gaming. Just looking for any advice that I could possibly improve on. Price range I am looking at is below $2000 with a monitor, lower price the better however I do want something that will still be able to run games at high setting in a couple of years.

Don't need OS, Keyboard, or Mouse. On the parts list below I left out the monitor cause I seem unable to pick one. Still researching that, TN/IPS, name brand or Korean off brands that might blow up someday. Don't really want to spend much over 300 on one though otherwise I would look at benQ or something.

I do plan on O/Cing atleast a little.

I don't plan on SLI right away but it is possible in a year or two, if I needed the extra power and with that in mind is the 750W PS enough?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: with updated hard drive.
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  1. That is what I would recommend as a gaming build any day top of the line cpu,mobo and gpu it will max out anything I can think of in the next 3 years.
  2. For the little different in price I don't recommend going with a HDD lower than 7200rpm, go with the usual barracuda instead of the barracuda "green", and if possible go for the 3tb model : which is actually quite a bit faster than the other models and still tops out the HDD charts.

    For SLI GTX670's in the future you'll want a bit more than 750w to be safe, here's a pretty good deal on a 950w PCP&C , pretty solid brand, corsair is pretty good but generally overpriced. It'll give you plenty of OC headroom too.

    I'd personally go for a 16gb RAM kit like this one : as RAM is pretty cheap nowadays, but you'll be just fine with 8gb.

    All else seems pretty solid to me, not a fan of corsair cases but that's more of a personal preference thing.
  3. I wouldn't go for a 7200.11 HDD, those are infamous for firmware bugs, plus the 3tb has the best $/gb ratio.
  4. I think I clicked on the wrong Harddrive not sure how I did catch that, Updated now I did like the 3tb on only a little more. Thanks
  5. I don't see anything wrong about it.
  6. There's nothing wrong with it just that the 3tb is still the better deal that's all.
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