What's the best graphics card for my type of gaming/system?

OK, so i'm half way through my first build (im buying parts bit by bit, whenever i have the money) and my next part i'm after is a graphics card. I will be using the i5 2500k, and my main use for this computer will be gaming. I'm not too psyched about ULTRA graphics etc. i would be happy with medium to high, but ultra would be nice, and something fairly future proof.

Right, so i'll be playing games such as Skyrim, BF3, Minecraft, and other mainstream games similar. So my question is, what graphics cards would you advise? My budget is $150-180, but would you recommend cutting back to an i3 processor and go for a higher end card? I'M A NOOB :cry:

Atm i'm steering towards the AMD Radeon HD 6850
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  1. I'd stick with the 2500k to give you more futureproofing.

    you can get a 7770 for a pittance after mail in rebate, and it comes with a free game: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102967

    you could then get a second for crossfire somewhere down the line since you are already buying piecemeal.
  2. Get a 7770 or 6870.... or you can get a GTX 560 ti and play decent settings for all those games
  3. I'm in the UK so i can only use sites such as Amazon the reason i'm talking dollars is because its a lot cheaper than UK stores, but yeah i will stick to my i5.
    So the 7770 is better than the 6850? when i compared specs it seemed it only had higher core and memory clock, so i'm assuming there most important? and for the GTX 560 ti seems out of my budget, i can only find it for $230 dollars on Amazon, or £190 in UK stores (roughly around $370)
  4. 6850 will be good enough for what your wanting to do later on get a second and crossfire it .. 2 of these cards in crossfire has always been a best bang for your buck .. just like my 6870s in crossfire i play skyrim and bf3 on high and or most ultra settings.. just saying .. :P
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