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we had problems with the computer shutting down.. we turn it on and then shuts off within 3 to 10 mins.. so we look inside the window on the side of the tower and the CPU fan wasn't moving . so does the mean that it is bad.. but this morning i turned it on and it hasn't shut down but the CPU fan isn't spinning..
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  1. Your CPU is most likely over-heating. You could check and see if the fan-cable is stuck in the fan or if it's connected properly
  2. If your computer is still on you could download a program called RealTemp to see the how hot your CPU is
  3. If the fan is not moving then you are basicly with a passive cooler which is bad for a stock cooler.My guess is that the cpu fan is not connected,check if it is.If it is try plugging in another fan on the same connection,if it works your Heatsink's fan died and needs replacement.
  4. I called tech support and we went over some things and the company is sending out a new CPU fan.. so as soon as i get it we will replace it with the new fan. in the mean time we have to jump start the CPU .. hahahahaha thanks everyone for your help..
  5. Glad to see it got solved without you having to pay for anything : )
    Are you getting a new cooler or just the cpu-fan?
    If it's a new cooler just remember to apply the thermal paste properly. There are some good guides on how to do it here on the forum.
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