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Corsair Builder Series CX500 or Antec Neo Eco 520C?

Hey! I've been researching good power supplies for a while now, and some of my top picks flew past me as they were taken off the Black November sale on newegg. Now, I need I need someone's opinion. which one is better?
The antec,
or the corsair?
If it helps whichever psu is best will be running,
Sorry for typos! I am typing this on a tablet.
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    I'd get the Antec just off brand name, but there is nothing wrong with the Corsair.
  2. does the antec have a advantage over the corsair?
    and what about reliability and life span? which would last me the longest + wont kill my computer
  3. There is no way to know which will last longer. You just have to read the reviews and go with your gut.
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  5. Thanks twelve. Probably getting the Antec.
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