Computer won't boot with graphics card

Hello, I'm hoping some of you coud help me as I'm pulling my hsir out atm. 6 months ago I upgraed my rig and it looked like this

Amd Phenom x4 965
HD 6970 2GB
Antec truepower 750w psu

4 months ago My antec psu became faulty no idea why but just stopped working. I had to put in my old generic psu and my old 8600gt gpu that I was runnign before my upgrades. I put the HD 6970 in an anti-static bag and left it for 2 months because I couldn't afford a new PSU. Today my new PSU arrived a Xenta 900w 80+ bronze I know Xenta isn't a big brand name but their a genuine company and it was 80+ so I went for it. I wiped the 8600gt drivers and went ahead and out my HD 6970 in. The computer beeps, keyboard lighs flash and all fans spin up. Also my monitor doesn't allow you to select DVI when the computer is turned off. When my I power on my computer my monitor goes to the dvi source but then says no signal. The fans are still spinning but it just won't boot, I press the power button again to see if it will shut down but it does't so I have to hold the button in. After that i put my old 8600gt back in with the new psu and all works fine and boots up. I've cleared my CMOS but still the HD 6970 won't boot. Any ideas? Could the HD 6970 just die from sitting in an anti-static bag?
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  1. Did you hook up the pci-e power cables from the psu to the video card?
  2. Yeah 8 and 6
  3. Id try clearing the cmos or pulling the cmos batter for 5 minutes. The re-insert video card and reboot.

    You shouldn't have nvidia and amd drivers installed at the same time. I'd clear out any Nvidia drivers before attempting to install AMD drivers.
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