PC to TV connection problem, no signal using hdmi

guys, just built a pc on ASUS P8Z77-V PRO motherboard, with Nvidia GTX460. seems everything works fine, but i cannot hook up a TV via HDMI on motherboard. 2 monitors work fine via DVI ports on GTX460.
please help
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  1. Are you using the hdmi port on the 460 card to the hdmi on the TV?
  2. no, i'm trying motherboard hdmi. there is no hdmi on the 460, but mini hdmi. have no such cable
  3. Adapters usually come with the card if you don't have one you can get one from newegg.
  4. I have similar problem. I'm not exactly a rookie but i can't make it work a Nvidia FX5500 to an Samsung full hd HDMI.
    Using a 10 meters Dvi-Hdmi cable, tv doesent show anything, but recognizes my connection saying is dvi connected.
    Video card instead (vith vga and dvi outputs), doesent recognize Dvi conection - the second monitor saying nothing is connected to it.
    I tried a trick: to set manually the dvi to display 1920/1080 resolution, switching the outputs from my video board using an dvi to vga adapter and to make the second display the first display. The display shows the resolution above but when i swich back, it goes off.
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