New pc, need help with suggestions.


I just got my Corsair CX600 and my Radeon HD 6950 in the expectations i can use them to upgrade my dell inspiron 570.

Turns out the opposite way, neither of them fit in them and if i manage to "fit" one of them in the cables to the hard drive and the disc drive are barely long enough.

So i am now planning to build my first costum build together with some friends that know a little bit more about pc builds than me.

btw the reason i'm changing is because i'm a hardcore gamer that is getting sick of the inspiron 570 and the low fps even on low settings.

Any suggestions?

The site i'm buying off:

(sorry it's a belgian site)

The budget right now will be around 800 euro's, but in the vacation i am going to work a little bit so the budget may increase a little over while. I can also wait to get the best match with the components i already have.

Additional preferences:The case i would like:

I also want a 500 GB hard drive to start of with.

Another one i want to put in:

Thanks in advance and i'm sorry for the dutch site.
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  1. If your build is € 800, I wouldn't spend 1/4 of it on the case. A similar case to the Obsidian would be the Fractal Design Define R3, which is like € 50 cheaper.

    Try something like this:

    Case: - € 99,21
    Motherboard: - € 136,90
    CPU: - € 228
    Cooler: - € 36
    RAM: - € 53,90
    Hard Drive: - € 84

    Total: € 638,01

    You can use the difference to Crossfire that 6950.
  2. Thankk you g-unit :)
  3. One more thing, the CX600 only has 600 watt, will it be sufficient for that set-up?
  4. figarot12 said:
    One more thing, the CX600 only has 600 watt, will it be sufficient for that set-up?

    Actually I'm not entirely sure. The minimum requirements for the 6950 are 550W, if you want to Crossfire it, maybe go for a 700W or 750W, but stick with Corsair or Seasonic as your PSU.
  5. I don't need the crossfire, a single card is perfect for me.
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