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Hi guys,

im running the following system:

Gigabyte GeForce Graphics Card GTX560 - 1GB 256bit GDDR5 - PCI-E
Gigabyte - GA-Z68AP-D3 - Socket LGA 1155
Intel Boxed Core i7 2600K Processor - 3.40GHz Quad Core Socket 1155 - CPU
Seagate Barracuda - 2TB HDD 64MB Cache - SATA 3 - 6.0Gb/s
Corsair XMS3 - 8GB ( 2 x 4GB ) DDR3 2000MHz
Gigabyte 550w psu
win 7 ult 64

my problem is that my pc runs very slowly, even on a fresh install, there is still a delay opening explorer or opening a media drive, over all just really sluggish response.

any suggestions???
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  1. M8 did you install all the ( NEW) drivers ? BIOs ? Windows updates ?

    not the ones off the mobo CD but the lastest ones for your hardware ?
  2. Hi, yeah I tried everything straight from the disks and then tried with the lastest drivers and bios and still the same. Any chance its could be the hdd seeing that its only 5900rpm?
  3. I would update the BIOs

    the HDD should not make it that slow being 5900
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