Mini ITX help?

I was looking to build a second PC just for browsing online to cut down on wear and tear/power comsumption of my upgraded desktop that I use to play games on.
I want to do a mini ITX/intel Atom/ Passive cooling "Green" build.
Since cost is important, is it possible to Mount A Mini ITX Mobo inside a Mid tower ATX case? (they are cheaper $15 compared to $50 for the mini ITX Desktop case)
I already own an extra Low wattage PSU to use with it.
If not, What is the cheapest Case you would recommend for this build. It wont put out a lot of heat so Cooling options don't really matter.

Thank you.
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  1. Also, I will be running Linux on a very small Capacity SSD.
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    Most ATX case will take a ITX board. Where are you purchasing from?
  3. AlderonnX said:
    Most ATX case will take a ITX board. Where are you purchasing from?

    Newegg, I was going to get the Intel Atom D525MW Mobo/CPU combo, 4GB of So-Dimm 800 Ram, 32GB Sata II SSD. I already Have a Mini itx PSU (80W).
    Now I just need to know If I can get away with using th Cheapest Mid Tower ATX case they sell, about $15 US
  4. Hi

    Just check the Power supply you use is suitable for the motherboard.
    Some mini ITX cases only take low profile DVD drives with non standard SATA power connectors.

    With a larger case you can use a standard DVD drive

    Some one was complaining their mini ITX board used a non standard size of 20 pin ATX power connector.
    (adaptor or non standard psu required)

    You may want one fan either on the case or CPU

    At work we are using Thin Clients based on Intel Atoms with Windows 7 Embedded on flash memory
    There is no fan and not much in the way of extra aluminium heat sinks
    The case (about the size of a standard DVD drive) gets very hot, and the systems sometimes crash.
    The problem is small fans make a lot annoying noise and there is no room for a larger fan.


    Mike Barnes
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