6850 + 6950?

i have a 6850 gpu right now and i was gonna grab a 6950

1st is there a gpu with similar or better specs around for the same price (found one on sale for 200)

2nd is it worth it to crossfire them or just grab the new one and sell the old one

3rd is there any report of shuttering or anything like it with this kind of setup

i have done some research and found the 7000 series has a lesser power draw, is it worth it to just grab something like a 7850?

also i have enough power on my psu to get the job done but i am cutting it a bit close (600 watt psu and eXtreme psu calc says i need 520ish) is selling the better option?
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  1. You cannot crossfire the 6850 and 6950
  2. If you crossfire a 6950 with a 6850, they will run at the same speed as a pair of 6850's - the cards have to run at the same frequency and with the same number of ROPs, etc to work in crossfire, so a higher end card can only use the same specs of the lower end card it is cross fired with (this is my understanding based on articles and talking with Sapphire tech support, I hope someone corrects me if I'm wrong)

    Edit: My mistake, I re-checked the email from sapphire tech - you can crossfire a 6870 with a 6850 and it will run like a pair of 6850s (ie, you can cross two cards as long as they are the same series, 68xx, 69xx, but a 6870 and 6850 in crossfire operate the same as a pair of 6850s)

    Micro-stuttering is supposed to be an issue with the 6800 series cards:

    Based on this and your power supply, I would recommend selling your 6850 if possible and getting a single higher end card.

  3. Don't think it can be done.
  4. 7850 is more comparable to the 6970, not the 6950 so it could be worth it for the $260 over $200, if you can get it good. But I have heard too much issues about 7850 drivers and they seem not fixed yet. But it could be worth it you know. Just make sure that 600W is a decent one.
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