I think my gpu killed its self after a crappy movie

just got a new card, sapphire hd 7970. i'v had it a week and some change, and now when i turn my system on with it in i'll get to the welcome screen and i get a black screen or this blue one with bark blue lines. some times it happens right after the bios screen and some times i can get into the pc but as soon as i try and start anything it flips balls, i know its the card bcaz i'm using the same pc now with the onbord video, and i have the updated drivers.

idk is it me or is my card bad and i'm gonna have to rma it?

my system
600w (780 peak) x power pcu
P8H67-M PRO mb
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  1. If its only a week old RMA it, but first try someone elses PSU. I'm going to gander is the PSU.
  2. I will be guessing it's the PSU too, try replacing it and see if it is fine and not having any issues. If you still do, RMA the card.
  3. alright i have a little hope now lol really don't want to rma this.

    thx you all
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