Netbook Upgrade, with multiple features questions

Hi, I am a student and I was thinking of getting a tablet until I came across netbook upgrading articles.
What I really need is a long battery life electronical device that I can use on the go which I can easily utilize wherever I am (ex. library, subway train, visiting relative's house, etc...)

My computer uses I am thinking for this one is really simple, just microsoft office for homework and such while ability to play high quality videos as well as readers for e-textbooks and books that I download. Personally, I thought it would be cool to have android OS because it would make navigation simple and it seemed like I would be able to enjoy entertainment apps of android market. I am actually not too sure of that right now, since it seems like computer with android OS cannot access market or something. So my questions are:

1) Can you get a netbook and have it be able to dual boot, so you can switch between Windows 7 and Android OS constantly? I been researching and it seemed there is no microsoft office app for Android, so to do all the excel and word typing and stuff, it seemed good sense to be able to dual boot with partitioning(?) the disk drive space.

2) Would you recommend following upgrades for the netbook? And how hard would it be to do these upgrades?
- battery (I am under the impression that netbooks in general only have 4 hour life, but I was thinking Android OS could help out here and extend that to 8 hours without the upgrade on the battery, is that true?)
- android OS (with or without dual boot)
- SSD replacing HDD (64GB or more)
- 4 GB RAM
- Touch screen via touch screen solderless kit

These upgrades seemed to amount to approximately $300 and another $300 for the netbook. So total would be around $600 is my guesstimate. I was thinking if that was the case, theoretically, I would have better system than Asus Transformer tablets, including the Infinity series, right? Also, I was wondering if Intel Atom or AMD c-60 processor would be better choice, since Intel Atoms didn't seem to have good graphics, but C-60 has been commented to be able to high quality video with no problems.

Can someone please advice on this matter? Thank you!
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  1. Check out Asus Eeepc 1015px,
    It has Asus express gate cloud to surf without booting into windows
    battery life is great, they say 11h and just surfing its about 10h for me, I'm fairly close to my router though so less effort is required from the wireless module,
    throw in a 2Gb sdimm and a 2Gb sd card dedicated to readyboost, it helps speed things up
    I wouldn't worry about ssd but you can always swap if you wished to
    not sure on touchscreen kits, heard of them not researched though
    and remember to check out your selected netbooks maximum memory capacity, a lot of them use intel atoms which are limited to 2Gb, although some will support 4Gb
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