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Want a new case i have a CM elite 430 and its noisy as all hell think its the thin metal. Ive try'd no fans and a fanless video card still got that annoying hum. So im thinking about moving up to a new case. I want something Large full tower is fine or something larger that can hold top fans+mobo and a 120mm cpu cooler. the 1100 is $70 the DF-85 is $66 around that price is good. I also saw is that any good if anyone has any exp. (30 after rebate) If you have a suggestion of your own throw it out there. I have 3-4 antec tricool plain fans if i had to fill out case fans. Id like to keep it reasonable quiet also saw a P180 original for 30 but it looks outdated with little cable management. I cant wait to see what your thoughts are and or better suggestions thanks.
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  1. What are all of your components? Unless the "annoying hum" is a fan, are you sure that it's not some coil whine or similar phenomenon? If so, then you might want to check what component is causing it and solve that issue (if possible) rather than buy a new case.

    As for that case, it looks fine to me, but I haven't used it.
  2. Ive made sure all the screws and such are tight still humm buzz and ive tryd it outside of a case with a fanless video card and just a tower cooler no annoying noise. e6800 4.2 Seasonic 520w psu, p5k wifi. The antec tricool fans on low cause almost no noise tested that so thats not the issue. ive covered just about anything i can to save this case that I can think of but no luck. that should narrow that down
  3. Id love A rv02 but id have to be used to fit anyplace in my budget anyone local in portland area got one :)? personal exp on some of these cases would be great to hear
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