CD causes comp 2 reboot, both with SCSI and IDE

My new Duron-based 800 Mhz/13.5,6.4 IDE/256 MB brand-name RAM reboots every single time I access any of my two CD-ROMs. The motherboard is a :Microstar MS-K7TPro2A KT133 6PCI 1AGP 3DIMM UDMA100 Audio.

Nothing is tweaked, no over-clocking or extraneous drivers. I use the latest Detonator drivers for my Ge-Force 2 MX Hercules board and for everything else for that matter. The CD-ROMS are an old Hitachi 7930 8x and a SCSI HP 9110+ CD-Writer rev 1.03 C. I've tried settings in bios optimized, fault proof, removing boards, nothing works. The whole issue seems to be an IRQ conflict or something in that vein, but I'm at wit's end here. Please help! Sometimes the contents of the CD-ROM have time to appear before reboot, btw. I also have a 300w chassis so that cannot be it, either... =(

E Drake
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  1. Is DMA enabled for the CD-ROM?

    Check device manager. Just a guess. Disable DMA if it is enabled.

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  2. >>The whole issue seems to be an IRQ conflict or something in that vein<<

    And the IRQ of your SCSI controller is? I guess I'll assume the Hitachi is a SCSI drive as well. And I wouldn't rule out anything until I've tried another equal piece of hardware (or one you know works). PS do go bad from time to time even though rarer than most things.

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  3. Thanks for all who answered, nothing worked really. I was contemplating installing win 2k, and I did. Now everything works again =)

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