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Toshiba Satellite A665 USB ports stop working when I move the laptop


Strange. This problem has gone on for some time.

My USB ports work fine from startup, and can even work after waking from sleep mode. However, I notice that if I move my laptop to another location, my USB gets disabled. Occasionally, my mouse and other devices may receive power, but other times they may not even receive power. Either way, they are never detected anymore. Has anyone else experienced this issue? If so, what are your fixes? Please help and thanks to those who answer!

(Note: I have already tried unplugging and replugging the devices to no avail, and I have also reinstalled all of the drivers.)
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  1. Hi :)

    I own a laptop repair company and to me it sounds like you have a loose connection INSIDE the laptop...

    Where precisely are all your usb ports ?

    Does it affect all of them or just on one side etc ?

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Wow, a fast response. Thanks for being prompt.

    Come to think of it, you might be right.

    Anyway, my USB ports are within the laptop and are on the sides, left and right. (Both of which are affected).
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    Hi :)

    Take it to a laptop repair company, it will need soldering internally, which is expensive...

    But there is an alternative...

    If you have a PCMCIA slot you can buy a USB card to slot in for around £20, which should get AROUND your problem...much cheaper...

    All the best Brett :)
  4. Ooh! Sounds interesting.

    I'll give your USB card idea a try. It appears that my laptop has such a spot.

    It may be a while before I get one, though.

    £20? How much would that be in USD? A little more than $30?

    I appreciate your help, regardless of how expensive the solution might be.
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