ATI Radeon 4850 Overheating

Hey everyone. My GPU and Motherboard appear to be overheating and I have run out of ideas. I have looked for a long time and tried many solutions, but to no avail.

Here is a link to images of my CPU-Z, GPU-Z, HWMonitor, and Speedfan:

All of those temps are at idle. My GPU runs at 65-70 C at idle and my Temp1 (which I think is my motherboard) runs at 70-75C at idle. My CPU runs ok, right around the recommended temp, but still hot. At load, my GPU gets up to 90.

I have just recently cleaned the inside of my case. I reapplied thermal paste to the CPU and the GPU. I have reset my BIOS settings. I have updated drivers.

My PC runs ok when on the internet but it crashes after 10-15mins when playing games like BF3 and Diablo3.

I have really run out of ideas. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. what case are you using
    ambient temperature?
  2. I'm sorry, I should have mentioned I run a Dell Studio XPS 435MT, i7 920 @ 2.67 ghz. The case is rather small but after three years I have only had overheating issues recently. The room temperature is probably like 65 degrees F.
  3. Bump - my 4850 went up to 117C while playing Diablo3 and fan at 100%. Any ideas how to fix?
  4. i would suggest getting a new case with 5 or more Chassis fans,
    if not fixed, then go liquid cooling...
  5. Open it up, clean the dust and then replace old FANs from the case. If the CPU fan or the GPU fan sound funny or don't work fine, replace them ASAP.

    And also, do you have a single slot 4850 or a dual slot? The single slot 4850 works fine even at 100°C, it was a hot card indeed. I have the dual slot around and that is the cooler one.

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