Display driver stopped responding and has recovered

For a while I have been getting this annoying error at unexpected times, especially when I close a 3D game.
After trying out every possible solution provided by google (BIOS update, windows update, display driver sweep and update, upgrade power supply, change keyboard and mouse, change registry keys for TDR, connect PC to a different power outlet and so on) I found 1 solution that worked.

Changing the values of CoreClockTarget and MemoryClockTarget to 40000 and 90000 Respectively stopped the error from showing up again. (http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/348924-33-display-driver-stopped-responding-radeon-hd6870#t2614259)

The problem is that every once in a while I get the error again and then I notice that the values are back to the default values, so I need to change them back again and again. Do you know why the values are being changed back to the default ones? How can I keep these values unchanged?

System Info:

Intel i7 920
ATI Radeon HD 5970 (powercolor)
Antec 750W high current gamer
Windows 7 64 bit
6GB Ram

Catalyst Version 12.3
2D Driver Version
Direct3D Version
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  1. go easy mate its not your pc fault bf 3 is a huge server multiplayer game now the server ignore some user to play because lots people whole around world playing that s server load not your pc fault by the way you have nice pc
  2. This is really annoying...

    Can anyone help please?
  3. Thanks, I installed the latest drivers, but it did not solve the problem :(
  4. for mat your pc and put window 7 32 bit ultimate
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