HDMI Problem with AMD 7000 Series, Help please


I have recently bought an AMD HD 7750, Gigabyte Model. Since having it my old monitor (VGA, 1280 x 1024) has experienced a lot of noise (looks like analogue interference), this is something that has never happened in 8 years.

I have just purchased a new LG widesceen monitor, 1920 x 1080, and am connected over HDMI.

When I load windows it shows the desktop (on the HDMI connection) for a bit and then goes black, I need to do a hard reset to get any picture back.

I have the latest AMD catalyst drivers (12.3 I think). I wondered if anyone knew what the problem is and how to fix it. Is this an issue with the 7000 series or do I have a duff card?

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  1. first of all you should know that hdmi only for multiple display not your primary display u should remove gpu from mobo and connect with vga port of mobo to format because setting has already done after all change the resolution which your moniter support default setting then reset the gpu connect with dvi port not hdmi because its for gaming mutiple moniter
  2. Thanks.

    Are you saying that I should not use HDMI for a single monitor?

    Also are you saying I need to format my PC?
  3. no mate i dont mean to format pc just remove gpu and connet wtih vga port of mobo
    then change resolution of your moniter to default and then plug to dvi port not hdmi
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