Nvidea gt 520 evga windows text problem.

hi i have installed gt 520 nvidea every thing is fabulous but windos text is big problem lasttime i had 3d graphic card buit i replace it with it .its better windows text but when open office it teases the eyes i dont know i tried windows disply text adjust all .but i dont know .some time i thing its may be because of its tooo much refine clear using hdmi (sky cable).tnx
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  1. well try to update your driver to nvidia 296.10whql hope it will help
  2. hi i tried the 296 driver its make it better but not much .but can say its good.i am very thinkful to u guys because of whome we people get helped and sorted .....God gives u success
  3. What is your monitor resolution? What is the computer set to display? Are you connecting the monitor to the graphics card and not the motherboard?
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