Rate my rig.

I am 14 and Me and my dad built a gaming computer for my 14th birthday I am upgrading the one thing I didn't buy new and the psu. I want a rating on a scale of 1 to 10 for this rig for assassins creed 3, blacck ops 2 and crysis 3.

i5-2500k @ 4.5 ghz
Radeon 7850
8gb kingston hyper x

It is in my signature if you need more info. Will it significantly increase performance if i go from the 7850 to the 7870??
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  1. You got a gaming computer for your 14th birthday? Well lucky you and happy birthday. Your setup should run those games perfectly fine assuming your resolution is 1920x1080 or below. The 7850 to 7870 is only a small jump. Yes you will see a couple fps improvement, but it's not worth the upgrade.
  2. Okay sweet why are you surprised I got it for my 14th birthday?? it is the best decision i ever made glad I chose it over the ipad 2(it was the day it came out), Thank you on a scale of 1-10 what do you think?
  3. Going by raw power compared to top of the line gaming systems it's only like a 4 or maybe less , I'm talking something along the lines of tri-fire 7970's and an Intel "extreme" 6 core Ivy Bridge with 32gb hi-freq RAM and gobs of SSD storage :P , but it is a pretty good bang for buck system and should run about every game out there high or maxed at 1080p, seriously what else could you need?

    And no going from a 7850 to 7870 wouldn't bring much of a noticeable improvement. If you must spend that upgrade money on something You'd better off buying another SSD for Raid0 and maybe some 8 more gigs of RAM for 16gigs, won't hurt and RAM is dirt cheap these days, it'll also give you bragging rights, getting about 1gb/s reads on them benchmarks ;)
  4. If I were upgrading something I would get a better brand of SSD. OCZ have really high failure rates.

    Also, no one knows what the system requirements will be for games that haven't come out.
  5. nice job.

    do a little reading/lurking on the forums and you might find yourself overclocking that 7850.
  6. Anonymous said:
    nice job.

    do a little reading/lurking on the forums and you might find yourself overclocking that 7850.

    i definetely will :)
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