Good low profile GPU for moderate gaming?

I've been searching for weeks for an answer, but I am more confused then ever so I thought I would ask here (and on Yahoo).
What would be a good low profile GPU for moderate gaming that is low power consumption?
My comp specs:
CPU- Intel E6700
Mobo- Zotac GeForce 9300-ITX WiFi
PSU- 320watts, +12v1= 9amps, +12v2= 9amps
Monitor resolution- 1920x1080

This computer is used for when my brother stays with me so that he has something to play WoW on, currently it runs WoW just fine, but it lags horribly on Guild Wars 2, a game he will be playing. It would be nice if it could run some other (older) games too.

I would like to stay under $70.00

I was looking at the GT430, GT520, and the HD 6570, but reviews are mixed and none do games, I guess.
GPU must be low profile.

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  1. i think u should go with 6570 its pretty well gpu and beats gt 430 always ahead amd for low profile nvidia ahead to high profile gpu check this out
    u can also check this
  2. AMDs are typically the better buy on the low end pricing structure. Be sure to check the power supply requirements.
  3. Zephids said:
    AMDs are typically the better buy on the low end pricing structure. Be sure to check the power supply requirements.

    okay now tell me which psu have corsair cooler master or etc
  4. The GT520 is capable of running fairly recent games at med. settings (I have a GT520 in my HTPC). The 6570 is the best out of all of them though (theoretically) and should be able to run the games you listed. Your PSU should handle the card safely since the 6570 only requires 50 watts at full load.
  5. So it looks like the HD 6570 is the way to go. I have read quite a few reviews that say they use it with PSUs below 300 so I should be ok.

    One more question: Is the HD 6570 the best I can get (under $70) or is there something better?
  6. GIGABYTE GV-R667D3-1GI Radeon HD 6670 $64.99 $6.98 Shipping
    $39.99 after mail-in rebate card
    AMD’s Radeon HD 6670 & Radeon HD 6570: Two’s Company, Sub-$100’s A Crowd
    does well on power and read the whole review for a comparison.

    My personal bid, I picked one up for $70 at CompUSA and this card handles everything for me on a 1920x1080 27". I play Skyrim on Ultra, Crysis 2 on Ultra, Mass Effect 3 on Ultra. 16xAA for all of them. Warcraft on Ultra/Tera on Ultra as well. It's not 'cheap' as some of these, but this little card really packs a solid punch for what Your looking for.
  8. hd 7750 will be best low profile gpu.:)
  9. Best answer
    i think a lot of you fail to understand what a low profile card is. it's a card that can be installed in a slim line case and should include a low profile bracket for install.
    cards that do not include the bracket are called "low profile ready"



    many of you are simply recommending single slot video cards which are different then low profile cards since they won't fit into a slim line case. since the OP has an iTX mobo its safe to say he probably has a slim line case

    a quick check on newegg shows the AMD 6670 low profile card as probably the best option for fit and working with that PSU
  10. well low profile card 7750 is better for low power consumption check this one bro
  11. then better go with cheap atx case so that u will able to fit because most of gpu now atx cabinet supportable
  12. well sorry for my above post you my senior help him out
  13. Thanks everyone! Yes it is true I have a small (very small) case, and as this comp is only used when my brother visits (I have my own gaming PC) I don't want to spend much on the small comp.

    I'll probably end up getting the HD 6570, as the HD 6670 looks to be a little too long for my case.

    Thanks again.
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