My first build HELP!!!

Hello, This is my vary first build and I need some help. If possible can you tell me if they are better deals, everything is compatible with each other, and tips you have for the building process, and if I'm missing anything. Yes I am using two websites hope you don't mind but please check both. Here is what I have.
Note I'm planing to use two for gaming tell me if this unnecessary or there is a better way.

That is all I'm planing to buy please tell me if there are better deals or better hardware I don't want to go into this blind.

Thank you.
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  1. Well, you're gaming, so 16GB is unneeded. 8GB will suffice. 2133MHz RAM is also overkill. 8GB 1600MHz RAM will do fine. It is ALWAYS better to get a single, more powerful card than SLI. The 550Ti's are a bit weak, and are the bottleneck. I highly suggest that you get a 560Ti, or 7850. If they 560 Ti 448 is not out of your range, it is GREAT. It overclocks to a GTX 580 level, and will run almost any game at 60FPS. The case is good, but you can get a cheaper case for $100, but if you want it, go for it. It's an exceptional case. The PSU is so-so. Thermaltake PSU's aren't the best, nor are they the worst. Get from a more reliable brand.
  2. mobo- great

    cpu- great


    hdd- fine


    gpu- terrible get a 6970

    If you get a 6970

    it will be a good gaming pc if you get a 7850 it will be great 7950 it will be elite
  3. There are a ton of GPU's in the $200-$300 range.

    I think the 7870, 560 Ti 448, and maybe 6970 are what you should be looking at.
  4. ^ get one of those or the 7850 and it will be sweet the 550 ti will be a bottleneck times 4
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