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Hey guys I just built my computer and does your speed like browsing Internet more depend on the Internet you have or the processor speed and like ram etc. I am very interested on how this all works out. Please respond ;)
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  1. It depends on both, but internet speed moreso. If you have dial-up and an Intel 3960X, your pages will still load slow. Right now, I'm using an Athlon 64 X2 3000+ which is 2.0GHz, and over 5 years old, using Chrome, pages load pretty quickly.
  2. Ok because the computer I built has i5 3570k 8 gigs ram and I think it loads pretty fast but wondering I'd it was more on Internet. Any more info would be appreciated. Can't really look it up myself because I'm on phone :$
  3. Well, what browser do you use? For me, Firefox is unbearably slow, and memory management is a nightmare. Chrome is really efficient, and the tab syncing, and integration in the Google ecosystem is unbeatable!
  4. Also, depends on the browser version, Windows version, latest drivers, etc.
  5. Ok when I get home I will definitely check it out
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