ThermalTake SMART 630W power supply, reliable & solid performer?

I'm on the market for a new power supply, max £65, ideally at least 650W.

650W is enough for an i5-3770K and GTX580, right?

I've been looking at the following and was wondering if anyone has had experience with it or knows how good this particular PSU is, I am aware that thermaltake is a very reputable brand.

The cable lengths are worrying me though... will they be long enough to reach the top of a CM Storm Scout 2, for my BD & Hard drives? 51.3cm high, lots of the cables being about 55 or so... read a bit more in the details I just posted in the link..

Alternative is a CX750 maybe?
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  1. You have to understand that with peripheral connectors (SATA & 4pin peripheral 'molex' connectors), the first connector is on a cable that is usually 45/55cm away from the PSU, then there are other connectors, which are 15cm away from the previous connector on that cable. So the last connector will easily reach the top of the Scout 2 case.

    The Thermaltake Smart 630W is an okay PSU. However it's downsides are that it is group regulated, so voltage regulation is only good in certain circumstances. Ripple and noise is above half spec on the +12V rail. Most of the capacitors are Taiwanese, which aren't terrible, but Japanese caps are usually preferred.

    This is better because it doesn't have those problems:
    OCZ ZS Series 650W (£55 @ CCL Online / AriaPC)
    I would also prefer this over the CX750 because the CX750 uses non-Japanese capacitors.

    BTW I wouldn't call Thermaltake a 'very' reputable brand when it comes to PSUs. Even if they were, you should judge a PSU based on it's merits rather than the brand.

    Yes 650W is more enough for a system with a GTX 580, although hopefully you aren't planning to buy one because, for example, 7870s outperform them, while being less power hungry, less hot and less noisy.
  2. I was looking at a ZS650 after I remembered installing one in a computer for a friend. It's served him well. I'm about to order one off eBay, £58 free first class delivery.
  3. the xfx 550w is made by seasonic, pretty much the best manufacturer in power supply land. makes no sense to buy something lower in quality
  4. Yeah I have been liking the seasonics quite a lot, I wish I had a little more money available to spend. When I go SLI in the furure I think I will upgrade to a platinum series Seasonic. The ZS I got should do well in the mean time and have some resale value.
  5. dude, its 50 pounds. cheaper than your zs
  6. TheBigTroll said:
    the xfx 550w is made by seasonic, pretty much the best manufacturer in power supply land. makes no sense to buy something lower in quality

    I disagree that it's lower in quality. This is because the ZS series is independantly regulated, the Seasonic S12II/M12II Bronze is group regulated. Also it uses all Japanese capacitors, which is not exactly a sign of lower quality. Finally the fan speed is lower on full load, so quieter if you push it.

    TheBigTroll said:
    dude, its 50 pounds. cheaper than your zs

    By ~£5. Which is either good because it's cheaper, even if not by a significant amount. Or not a big deal, either way.
  7. 5 pounds can get me junk food for gaming sessions. i see what you are getting at though :)
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