Need a GPU. Help?

I am in need of a GPU for my build. These are my specs:

Phenom IIX4 965BE
BioSTAR A880G+ Motherboard
8GB GSkill Ripjaws
Seasonic S12II 520W 80+ Certified PSU

I have around $160ish to spend on a GPU. What would run in my build?

(My old GPU Fried with my old PSU/MOBO)My OLD GPU was a XFX HD 6850. It had 2 PCI-Express slots.
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  1. Something like HD 6870.
  2. This is approximately the best card around ~$150.00.

    As Axew said, the AMD 6870 is the best buy. I linked the Sapphire card because Sapphire is one of the best brands that make AMD Cards.
  3. this xfx card did not have the lifetime warranty and you could get a more powerfull supply for the same price
  4. when it comes to brands, is powercolor any good??
    In my country HD 6870 is like $200 and powercolor is the only one below 180$.
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