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Hello, i have a bit older 19" monitor with 1440x900 native monitor resolution. I would like to know what is best GPU that can run any current game on at least medium settings with 2xaa on that res. At the moment i m considering something like MSI GTS 450 or Powercolor HD 6770. My CPU will probably something like Athlon II x3 455/x4 631 or Pentium G630/G840 (i even read in some reviews that the Celeron G530 is the best price-performance ratio ever, so i may even get that).

Also i m also considering going with the APU.In that case i would get an A8 3850 and add a HD 6570 DDR3 for Dual Graphics mode.I hear the IGP in APU can OC very well (like 50-60% on IGP and the CPU can reach 3.6 GHz most of the time), and i would OC the HD 6570 too.
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  1. Go for the Pentium G620 or G630; Athlons and APUs are not the best bang for your buck when gaming. Also, you may experience microstuttering with hybrid crossfire.

    You could go for a cheap HD 6770, but spend a tiny bit more and get this HD 7770. It will overclock well, and you'll be able to play all games on high at your resolution.
  2. a G630/20 with a 7770 would be a very low power well balanced system.
  3. well im live in Serbia so i can't order from newegg, and HD 7770 si about $50 more expensive than 6770 in my country (HD 6850 is cheaper quite a bit than 7770, but im on tight budget)
  4. 6850 is not only cheaper here as well, but also more powerful, the 7770 is not a good purchase at this point in time in this country either unless you find a really good MIR like jessterman21 did, even then I'd still advise getting a 6850 for a few dollars more.
  5. if i go with the HD 6850 i have to get a weaker CPU, so i think il go with the HD 6770.
  6. axew said:
    if i go with the HD 6850 i have to get a weaker CPU, so i think il go with the HD 6770.

    Yep, that's a great little card - it will play everything on medium to high settings with a Pentium.
  7. Go for the Ati 6770 1024mb ddr5 its a super card , you can play everything on max
    if you go for the 7770 you need a bigger cpu .
  8. Sorry i mean PSU PowerSupplyUnit
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