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Hello, I was thinking of upgrading my graphics card but as many others I have encountered the issue of a low powered psu. My computer is a sx2801 with a intel gma x4500, mainly for playing sc2. I am not aiming to have amazing graphics and all I want is to play in a 1600x900 graphics regardless of all the other settings. What would be a low profile bracket graphics card that can help me with that?
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  1. okay then go with ati 6450 or nvidia gt 210 or gt520 for casual gaming
  2. I was thinking of going for one of these 2 cards



    I know that my psu is pretty much ***, I am going to build a computer but all I want is a graphics card that will hold me on till then. Since I don't think buying a psu, a new frame, etc is worth it as of now
  3. dont go for msi is cheap and fuckin brand go for sapphire 6450
  4. I just bought a sapphire 6570 to go in my aspire. on a 220w. Not quite sure the outcome yet.
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