Which Cpu i should Choose?

hi. I just need a quick answer: which one is the best: Intel Core Quad Q8300 or Intel Pentium G850?
It will be mostly used for simple tasks, some software compiling, some photoshop and light gaming. It's for a mass Purchase for a high school here. and they want a quad core, but i want to cut the expenses to the max. so, i read that the G850 isn't that weaker than the Q8300 and it's way cheaper.
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  1. I would go with the more modern platform and the G850 http://www.anandtech.com/bench/Product/89?vs=404
  2. i thought so. Just had to make sure. Thanks
  3. Even better would be an Ivy Bridge Pentium G2120 or i3-3220.

    Slightly less budget-friendly but much better IGP with much lower TDP. Most of the extra cost should be recovered by lower power and cooling bills during the PCs' 3-5 years useful life.
  4. Yes, a G2120 can reach the performance of i3 Sandy Bridge (i3 2100), while consuming lesser power, at lesser price and better IGP.
    So, prefer G2120 over G850, as it is only around 10$ more.
  5. It depends.

    If you play games and do casual stuff, the Pentium G would suffice.

    If you are a power user: do a lot of virtualization, parallellprocessing, vido editing, testing.

    You'd better be off with older, but more suited quad core.

    I myself prefer older quads to newer i3's and similar products. Reason being that I need more cores over clockspeed, and I don't play as much as well, and 2.66Ghz should suffice for my little gaming needs.

    Plus. Used quads are dirt-cheap.
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