HDMI or DVI for my monitor to PC?

Should I be connecting my monitor to the PC using a single HDMI cable? Or should I go with a DVI-D cable and separate audio cables to my pc? My monitor and motherboard support both but I'm not sure what's best..I'm going to using my PC mostly for gaming. Cheers.
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    Generally it doesn't matter if the components used for DVI and HDMI ports are of the same quality. If you are using the speakers in your monitor, then it's generally better to use HDMI to cut down on the # of cables.
  2. They send the same signal as the other. Won't see any difference. HDMI has sound, DVI doesn't (if your monitor has speakers).
  3. pretty much just making an echo here, but as long as it's a straight DVI-D connection and you're not using some converter, they're both digital and therefore of the same quality.
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  5. Thanks guys. I'll just go with HDMI then.
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