PSU Inconstant Failures

So I was just watching a movie and my computer shut down. It sputtered up and then died again before fully booting. After booting it died. This sort of thing repeated multiple times. I would sometimes boot into windows but it would fail the second I opened an app or just after 15 minutes of idling. The same would occur in the Bios menu where idling after 15 minutes it would shut down. This is even with just the cpu, fan, memory and/or sometimes the SSD. The SSD actually lost power or crashed in windows after 15 minutes. But it can't be the SSD because without it just idling in the Bios the computer will shut down.

Here is a picture of the Bios screen with voltage measures for the CPU. I don't think there is anything wrong except the fact that the PSU can't hold power.

I would like to make sure it is indeed a PSU problem before sending in the RMA, does anyone have any advice?

Thank you all for your time.

ASUS P8Z77-V Pro
Corsair TX-850
Intel i7 3770k Ivy Bridge 3.5ghz
All components are not even 2 weeks old. I just bought them. :(
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  1. I use alot of stuff with 600w psu, I don't think it is PSU except I don't know if it's damaged or something. the pic tells me something here, your CPU fan runs on very low RPM, correct me if I'm wrong. I have a CPU FAN controler and the lowest RPM I can get is 1500RPM on my CPU FAN.
  2. Crap, I forgot to mention that. The CPU fan runs slow in the bios/startup but once I get into the OS I have the ASUS Suite set to make it spin at around 1500 under 30 degrees. So there is nothing wrong there.

    But yes, there could be something in the BIOS but to have the SSD fail then the rest and vice versa seems so strange. However before this all happened there was this weird Nvidia converter driver thing that Microsoft was trying to install and failed a few times. This most recent boot into Windows I got a prompt that said to reboot to install and when I did it looked like it went through perfectly fine...
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