How can the i7-2600k be faster than the I7-3960x?

Hello everyone,

So, its been awhile since I've been on I'll just start.

I seem to be the only dumb guy to purchase the I7-3960x which came out in 2011, revs 6 cores and has 15mb of L3 cache...and as the new cpu and x79 motherboard are heading to my house I happen to check the benchmarks of one I7-2600k...a processor that came out in 2009, revs 4 cores and has 8mb of L3 cache.

As I'm sure all of you computer savvy people know...the $300 I7-2600k processor matches and in many cases beats the $1029 I7-3960x in benchmarking tests.

My question is how the $@%@^$@%$^ this even possible?!

Does anyone know if this will be remedied anytime in the future...or will I just have to wait for more demanding and multi-threaded programs to see any disparity?

Let me know what you think...sorry for swearing.
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  1. Windows 8 will ensure a greater use of more physical cores, in multi-threading applications.

    But, 3960X still beats the 2600k & 3770k in almost all benchmarks. However, a few exceptions are always there. And, these are because of not proper implementation of multithreading support in the present day apps (as you figured it out yourself). And, in gaming, you might also se an i5 3570k performing equivalent to 3960X due to the same reason.

    And, congrats, you own the top-of-the-line product of Intel. You should be proud of it.
  2. Thanks vinaykumar53 for your response...maybe I'm thinking of the I7-2700k beating the I7-3960x in several cases.

    I still cry myself to sleep at night...
  3. you bought the Rolls Royce of CPUs. it's for a very enthusiast only market...

    Vinay said it well... apps just don't know what to do with all that power...
  4. The 2600K came out in January 2011, actually.

    But anyway, a 3960x is still the king of the hill, no matter how you slice it.

    vinaykumar53 basically hit the nail on the head, though.
  5. Well stated, I retract my 2009 comment regarding the 2600k.

    I'm just confused by this review:,3026-6.html

    So programs aren't geared for 6 what...that still doesn't explain why its that much slower than the 2600k. Am I to assume the 3960x receives lower scores due to its 100Mhz slower clock speed?

    Any information would be helpful, thanks.
  6. Just take a look at this review, and the benches therein. That should ease your mind. The 3960x runs off and leaves everything in the dust, for the most part.

    The gaming benches aren't really representative of much, since what GPU you have matters a lot more than what CPU you have, in most games.
  7. reickmey said:

    That's the only bench in the entire review that's like that. Everything else is pretty much a blowout win, or just barely even (in the case of the gaming benches).

    Apparently PCMark 7 doesn't like the LGA 2011 platform.
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