Is this a valid email address?

I was RMA my cpu because it stoped working all of a sudden, and the people from their live support send me an email with that email address. It seems a bit fishy, is authentic??
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  1. O_O

    I don't think so :/
  2. I think it is self-suggestive.
  3. Was this the Email with the RMA Authorization? because i got mine from this same email when i RMA my SSD. it is just so that you cannot reply back to the email address.
  4. Old thread, but just wanted to clear this up for people who end up here from searching. Yes it is Intel. It is their 'donoreply' automated email, which should be very obvious to begin with since it will list the RMA number, component, FPO, and serial number for the part as well as provide the correct address for Intel's warranty center.
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