250 - 300 dollar card

I'm looking for a 250 - 300 dollar card (as the title suggests)

i am looking @ a couple cards right now but i am open to suggestions

system is

960T phenom II X4
12 GB G.Skill Ram
amd 6850 sapphire
650w PSU
bla bla bla

i was looking @



or (just as a low ender)

or (just as a high ender)

would prefer not to get the bottom 2 but again i am open to ideas

thx giez!
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    OR that 7850

    You decide, the 570 is faster, and has better driver. 7850 has newer tech, cheaper, lower power consumption and run cooler. With both card you can't go wrong, but do note that the 7850 has many driver issue that I heard, but most of the buyers got happy with the 7850 purchase. That 560 Ti 448 is not a good card for the price as it is the same as the 570's price but slower (performance I think is around 7850).

    Just make sure you have enough space on the chassis and decent power supply. 650W seems promising but some bad branded power supply are rated that but in real life only providing 300W. So if it is decent brand I can trust that.
  3. with evga make some fault gpu but it have life time warranty in us sapphire is build good quality better go with new generation 7850 untill ati releases new driver because 500 driver will not improve yet only 296.10 whql is the final version of all 500 & 400 series gpu
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