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My system uses an old worn 4850. I'd be glad to get recommendation for a new card.
These are my system's specs -
Intel Core 2 Dou CPU E8400 3 GHZ
Gigabyte X48-DS4

I'm looking for an optimal card for this system (which I use for gaming of all sorts).

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  1. depending on your budget a 6850 is always a solid choice
  2. No budget problems.... I thought that the old system would limit the card. Does it ?
  3. The old computer would not limit the card at all in my opinion. My buddy has an E8400 like yours and has it on 2 GTX550Ti's and it only holds him back in really really CPU intensive games.
  4. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150563

    The 6870 is a supremely powerful card for it's buck. Scoring at 17 points per dollar on the GPU Benchmarking tests it's the most cost effective way to get up to a 3k score. It compares right there with the Nvidia 560 GTX Ti's, only 100 points in difference from it.

    That card is the one I intend to buy, and it has 2GB of onboard memory, superiorly important how much of a difference this makes, people with 580 GTX's for example and 1GB of onboard memory have frame rate issues while their GPU Load isn't at max because their Virtual Memory is sitting at full load. Trust me man, that 2GB vs 1GB is such a massive difference in the GPU area.


    ^^For Reference.
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