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Okay so I'm going to sound a little dumb but here goes... I have a LOT of problems with my computer right now, here's a list:
1. Recently had a crap ton of IRP hook rootkits, and a svchost look-a-like virus. My computer was on a vicious cycle of blue error screens, so when I finally went it I deleted a registry I thought was fishy, don't laugh, my BCD registry. -.- Now my computer will not start because it cannot boot.
2. Usually this would be an easy fix from what I was reading, except, my disc drive is broken so I can't load windows 7 to do a start up repair or any of that.
3. I downloaded a windows 7 .iso file on my boyfriend's computer and partitioned/formatted an external drive for use with the .iso. Set my BIOS priority correctly. BUT now get a disc read error when trying to boot windows 7 from the external drive

SO now I am stuck out of my computer, with no way to access it. PLEASE HELP, I am a work at home agent, I NEED MY COMPUTER!!!
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  1. Some computers have problems booting off of external hard drives, especially older ones.

    Try copying the file to a USB stick instead, that might work.

    If you can't do that, you can try unplugging all his hard drives and then plugging your hard drive into his computer and trying to load windows on it there and then transferring it back to your PC afterwards. There are all kinds of potential problems if you do this, but there is some small chance it will work too.

    Don't do that with his hard drives still plugged in or it will mess up his computer. Make sure they are all unplugged if you are doing that.
  2. As of right now, I do not have a usb stick available to me. I can go buy one but that won't be until Friday.
    As for putting my hard drive in my boyfriends computer, I have a laptop, is that even possible?
  3. yes its possible...
    Easier to buy a flash drive or SD card (I assume your lappy has an sd card reader slot) and make it bootable with the w7 install.
  4. If you can take the hard drive out, it should use the same connectors as other hard drives so you should be able to just plug it in with the same cables you took off the boyfriend's hard drives.

    It is something you could try before Friday in any event, time permitting.
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