Multiple routers-multiple internet connections (and a dongle)


First i will explain my network set up, i have a belkin ADSL router (no USB ports) which has got my ADSL BT "broadband" connection (which they claim to bew a high standered of internet :/ ) i then have an other Belkin router (Ethernet and WLAN only)

so the network goes like this internet ->ADSL belkin->WLAN belkin(DHCP disabled)-> xbox, and PC's
Other various computers connecet to the ADSL belkin when appropiate

OSes are win 7 XP and vista.

What i wish to do, is due to the slow internet connection i wish to utilize the T-mobile dongle that i have (which has much better connectivity than BT) and have it connected along side the BT connection and for them to be both used at the same time. I have seen other posts in and around forums but they are either vague, or dont suit my setup. Is there anyway to do this and have a better connection?
I also have a BT home hub which does have an USB port, but would rather not use it as i find the BT router difficult to use. My dongle does appear to have a small port for external power, probalby from a 5v adapter, but i dont have the dongle to hand just now and i am not sure.

Thus having a conection like this:

Dongle internet ->
BT internet + Dongle internet ->Belkin ADSL->belkin WLAN->computers

would be great if this is possible.
If any one can help it would be really appreciated.

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  1. Yeah, i have but i have heard that these can be limited in functions, and i wouldnt get one as i have forked out some money on a new belkin not that long ago so dont want to change, but will look these ones up just incase i see somthin good. 4G sounds promising tho
  2. thoose look good, better than some of the ones made by mobile phone networks. also i take it all of them require input from a dongle, which is good, means i can unplug it when needed on the move. thanks this seems like a good option.
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